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I'm looking for text set collections for grades K-5. Are any available?

We offer several themed book collections with accompanying skills for grades K-5, including Knowledge Quest!, Trio, Core Knowledge Libraries and Text Sets. You can learn more about these programs and others by clicking on our Product Finder.


I'm a student developing lessons aligned to the CCSS. Could you recommend materials that explain the instructional shifts and the assessments?

Here are links to the standards, the key instructional shifts they call for and sample lesson plans... more

Can you suggest below-level books that would be of high interest to students in grades 4-5?

The best-selling I Survived series by Lauren Tarshis is extremely popular among struggling readers... more

Could you recommend titles for reading aloud and shared reading experiences for Grade 2?

Reading aloud quality fiction and nonfiction is critical for building students’ background... more

Could you suggest activities for teaching ecosystems to third graders?

This activity invites children to explore their local ecosystem.This activity is a science lab on... more

How can I help my fourth graders develop their vocabulary?

The best way to expand children’s vocabulary and knowledge base is by spending time with... more

Can you recommend books about Latino and American Indian cultures?

At this site we offer Hispanic Heritage book lists for students in grades K-12 and links to sites... more

What is the best way to introduce poetry to early elementary students?

Poetry comes naturally to young children. They love songs, nursery rhymes and read-alouds. Here you... more

Are Tears of a Tiger, The Miracle Worker and Why Me? The Courage to Live on any Common Core list for any grade level?

There are no Common Core book lists to which a teacher must adhere for ELA instruction. Appendix B... more

Is The Kite Runner appropriate for ninth graders?

The novel is written at a sixth- or seventh-grade level. However, the maturity of the subject... more

Which books will help me better understand and implement the new standards?

We offer several books that target specific aspects of Common Core instruction, from deepening... more

Do you have tips on teaching close reading to second grade students?

For insights on close reading for early elementary students, we turned to Francie Alexander,... more

How can I make learning about genres fun for fourth graders who are reading at a second-grade level?

The best way to introduce young learners to genres is by offering a selection of texts—... more

Is the Magic School Bus series aligned to the Common Core?

The Magic School Bus books, which blend fiction and nonfiction, introduce young readers to rich... more

What should I tell parents about the Common Core?

You can find an overview of the Math and English Language Arts Standards for parents here, as well... more

Where can I find the Common Core Standards for kindergarten?

You can access the K-12 Math and ELA Standards here.

Could you give me tips for a three-day lesson on story elements for my second graders? 

For this response, we turned to Dr. Maria Walther, a nationally-recognized author and teacher from... more

Do you have collaborative Math lessons for students in grade 4 that are aligned to the Common Core?

This article from Scholastic Instructor magazine offers great Math activities for students and... more

Do you have lessons for teaching sentence structure?

These leveled printables review subjects and predicates for students in grade 3.This book has... more

Can you recommend a list of read-aloud books for first through third graders?

For themed read-aloud collections for early elementary students, check out Knowledge Quest! The... more

How do I introduce close reading to my second graders?

This article from Scholastic Instructor gives tips on how to make "text detectives" of... more

Do you have book sets for my fourth graders in Georgia that incorporate Social Studies and Science topics in a fun way?

You might want to try our Common Core State Standards Pack for Grade 4. It includes paired books on... more

What activities and strategies can I use to help my second graders answer SRI [Scholastic Reading Inventory] questions more effectively?

All of the questions in the SRI are in a fill-in-the-blank format. You can share sample questions... more

In the CCSS literature standards, why is nothing said about emotional responses to a text?

We posed this question to David Liben, a literacy expert and consultant for Student Achievement... more

Do you have a Common Core lesson for teaching sixth graders the seasons?

A great way to interest students in the seasons is to discuss the wacky weather—from... more

Do you have suggestions for teaching second graders how to write poetry?

These step-by-step poetry writing workshops with Jack Prelutsky and Jean Marzallo should work... more

Is there an effective assessment tool for reading comprehension for a third grade student with good reading ability (decoding) but poor comprehension?

Independent Reading Assessment, our comprehension monitoring and teaching system, is available for... more

How do I teach persuasive writing?

For this response, we turned to writing expert Ruth Culham:There are three major types of writing:... more

I'm looking for text set collections for grades K-5. Are any available?

We offer several themed book collections with accompanying skills for grades K-5, including... more

Could you give me some additional information about Scope magazine?

Scope is a monthly English Language Arts magazine for middle school students. It features a full... more

Where can I get the list of ELA Anchor Standards that have R, W, SL and L before the numbers?

Go to the home page of the Common Core's English Language Arts Standards and click the tab... more

Where can I find the Common Core Standards for science?

Science standards are embedded in the English Language Arts Standards and begin in 6th grade.... more

What themes should be covered in seventh grade literature?

The Common Core does not prescribe themes. Rather, the ELA Standards call for students to be... more

What activities for struggling students incorporate The Hunger Games or Halloween?

In the October 28, 2013, issue of Scholastic Action, an ELA magazine for struggling readers, you... more

Can you suggest a reading list by grade that uses the CCSS Lexile Levels?

Keep in mind, Lexiles are just one factor that should be considered when choosing books for your... more

How do I find time for differentiated instruction in all subject areas in my fifth grade classroom?

If your school allows, find a colleague on your grade level and work out a plan for splitting up... more

How can I prepare my students for the ELA assessments without just “teaching to the test”?

As literacy expert Phyllis C. Hunter says, "flood your classroom with books." Offer students a... more

How do I show my fourth graders the level of writing that is expected of them in the Common Core?

Check out Appendix C of the English Language Arts Standards for samples for each grade band.... more

Where can I get paired literary and nonfiction texts that will interest my high schoolers?

Check out the literary criticism and magazines in your school or local library. There is also a... more

Will PARCC provide modifications for inclusion special ed students?

For the assessments, PARCC will provide several accessibility features and other accommodations.... more

How can I help our English Language Learners meet the CCSS, especially since strong language skills are needed for Math and the content areas?

Efforts to create Core-ready curricula for English Language Learners (ELLs) are still a work in... more

What kinds of learning activities can I incorporate into field trips with my students?

Students can acquire tons of information about a range of topics when they visit a museum, a place... more

What are some strategies for getting more reading and writing into my math class?

Here are some strategies to try: When students answer a word problem, make sure they incorporate... more

Do my students have to read the texts in Appendix B of the ELA Standards?

The texts are meant as examples of the types of works that students should be reading. They reflect... more

What kinds of questions should I be asking my students about assigned readings?

The Common Core calls for text-dependent questions that encourage students to read, ponder, and... more

How do I determine the types of texts my fifth-grade students should be reading? Some of them are below level?

Appendix B of the ELA Standards gives examples of the types of works that students should be... more


Where can I learn about "spiral math" and other concepts in order to help my first grader with math homework?

In a spiral curriculum, the mastery of various concepts comes from spreading the learning over time... more

Can you recommend resources to help my child improve her handwriting?

Handwriting is considered by many experts to play a crucial role in brain development and... more

Can you tell me what DRA, AR, Lexiles and other reading measures mean?

These measures come from computer-generated programs that approximate a child’s reading level... more

Where I can I find examples of first-grade Math problems?

For this answer, we turned to Matt Friedman, Education Editor for Scholastic's Math and Science... more

What does CCR mean?

CCR stands for "College and Career Readiness." A CCR anchor standard is a skill that a... more

What does the DRA level on a book mean?

The Developmental Reading Association (DRA) provides an assessment that measures a child's... more

What is an Accelerated Reader score?

Accelerated Reader is a product used to encourage students' independent reading. Students'... more

How can I help my children prepare for the Common Core?

Here are some great ways to help accelerate your children's learning:• Read aloud to them... more

I think my son might have a learning disability. What can I do to help him?

The first step is to identify specific areas where your son is struggling. Is he slow to pick up... more

How can I help my fifth grade son sharpen his critical thinking skills?

The key thing is to engage him in conversation. Talk about books, movies, video games, sports or... more

How can I make the most of a family trip to a museum or historic site?

Let your child choose a place that he or she would like to visit. Then look for resources online... more

My seventh grader would rather watch TV than read. How do I make reading enjoyable while also getting her to read more often?

It's possible that your daughter isn't eager to read because the selections just aren't engaging.... more


I am the reading coach for my district, and I'd like to set up a Book Fair for our middle schools. How do I get started?

Liz Weiss, our customer service director, can put you in touch with a regional representative who... more

How can I find out the cost of your books and programs?

Many of our classroom libraries are customized, so costs vary. The quantity of materials you order... more

How can I help my special education students meet the Common Core’s call for learning coordinated across math, ELA and the content areas?

Some instructional approaches for special education are being adapted for all students, given the... more

What can my district do to help English Language Learners keep up with the increased academic demands of the Common Core?

In the short term, you can support your English Language Learners and their teachers by encouraging... more

My district's funding is tight. Since everything seems to be "going digital," is it time to take a second look at our libraries and staff?

Take a second look—as long as that means getting a different view of what your libraries and... more

How can I make sure my district's curricula are not just Common Core-aligned at the classroom level but also coordinated between classes and grades?

Ensuring coherence in your district's curricula is a challenge, but there are plenty of resources.... more

How can I make sure that my district has enough technological resources for the assessments?

Depending upon which consortium your state is a member of, go to Smarter Balanced or PARCC to learn... more

How can I help my middle school students improve their writing skills and meet the demands of the CCSS writing standards?

The Common Core focuses on three primary types of writing: narrative, explanatory/informational,... more

What do I tell the social studies teachers in my school who think they now have to teach grammar?

Your teachers’ mission remains the same: helping students understand how civic life, geography,... more