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Our educators answer your core questions

Pam Allyn
LitLife & LitWorld

Matt Friedman
Scholastic Inc.

Phyllis C. Hunter
Literacy Expert

Linda C. Mayes
Yale School of Medicine

Dr. Maria Walther
Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary School

Jeffrey D. Wilhelm
Boise State University

Social Studies Lesson Plan: Community Helpers, Grades K-1

This lesson serves as an introduction to a unit about community helpers.

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Social Studies Lesson Plan - U.S. Presidents: George Washington, Grades 4-5

This lesson serves as an introduction to a unit about the founding of the U.S.

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Social Studies Lesson Plan: Freedom Leaders (Ruby Bridges), Grades 2-3

This lesson serves as an introduction to a unit about inspirational leaders.

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A See-Through Frog

A new find in the rainforest and remembering a Titanic discovery

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Desperation at Sea

What is fueling the desperation to flee Africa and the Middle East?

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Head to Head

Helping athletes who suffer traumatic brain injuries

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Why and How Bears Hibernate

Can snoozing bears help scientists cure diseases?

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The Benefits of Bedtime Stories

New studies highlight the importance of reading to children from birth.

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Teachers to Teach Teachers

Statewide CCSS Summits are slated for California in July.

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English Class in the Common Core Era

Fiction and nonfiction pairings are now more common in ELA classrooms.

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The Common Core: Mathematics

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The Common Core: English Language Arts

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Glossary of English Language Arts Terms

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Crafting Evidence-Based Questions

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10 Tips for Parents

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“We All Are Tall”

Andrea Davis Pinkney talks about reading, writing, and editing.

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Harnessing the Power of Students' Stories

Pam Allyn discusses breakthroughs in literacy instruction.

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Diversity in Children's Literature

A panel discussion on why all children need to see themselves in books

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September Lesson Plans

There's a story for everyone in these back-to-school lesson plans.

Good Summer Reads

Book lists, tips, and activities to keep kids reading all summer long

War Stories

Books and lesson plans to help you observe Memorial Day with your students